An Introduction to Cake Decorating

Cake Decorating is an activity that can be enjoyed by people of any age and ability. Children, teenagers, grandparents – everyone can get involved. Some of my earliest childhood memories are of helping my mum bake and decorate cakes for family occasions. I remember smoothing royal icing over a marzipaned Christmas cake and sticking in little plastic shop-bought Christmas decorations. Other memorable cakes I made with my mum included a fairy castle with ice-cream cones for turrets; a big green buttercream iced football pitch with plastic figurines; a log cabin with chocolate fingers; a pirate ship with a blue jelly ocean; and a teddy bear’s head decorated with sweets.

When planning my weddin...

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Six Summer Biscuit Ideas

Ah, the oft-neglected biscuit. We realised that haven’t done a blog dedicated purely to biscuits and cookies yet so we decided to put one together. Biscuit is no longer a byword for boring and safe as these highly creative tutorials stand to prove. Which one will you try out?

Piñata cookies 

These piñata cookies are some of the funnest cookies we’ve ever seen! Have fun looking at the pic and trying to figure out just how they work. We couldn’t...

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Five Summer Dessert Ideas

Well, the summer heat hasn’t arrived as we hoped it would, but we can still celebrate the coming months with some delicious fruity, summery desserts. We’ve picked some of our favourite dessert recipes from around the web for you to try at home. We’d love to see how you guys get on with the jelly-melons. Aren’t they fun to look at?

Watermelon Jellies

These fun fruity treats are the genius idea of food blogger Rosina Huber. Rosina uses a special low-sugar brand of jelly, which makes this treat a little healthier.

Check out Rosina’s personal blog here: http://rosinahuber...

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Three Gluten-Free Baking Ideas

What is Gluten-free baking?

After the success of the eggless baking blog, we had a lot of requests for a blog post on gluten free baking. Baked treats used to be synonymous with gluten. It’s the gluten in the bread that gives the bread it’s springy, fluffy texture. Without gluten, it’s hard to get bread with the same mouthfeel. Gluten-free diets can be essential for an individual with coeliac disease, which is a lifelong auto-immune condition that prevents the small intestine from absorbing nutrients.

Shopping G...

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Coconut & Lime Cupcakes

Create A Pretty Frill Trim For Your Cupcakes Using The Ribbed Rolling Pin & Rounded Edge Frill Cutter!

This week I decided coconut and lime cupcakes were in order for a refreshing and tasty cupcake treat. The taste testers approved with comments and feedback of they were really unusual which made them extra special. It always adds a little something special to the cupcake making and decorating joy, knowing that people are enjoying what you have made. The...

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Sugared Pineapple CupCakes

Sugared pineapple cupcakes with mini cartoon pineapple toppers and flip flops made of sugarpaste!

Pineapple is a lovely ingredient and quite a favourite in cakes. These cupcakes have a lovely taste and texture as well as looking cute and are excellent to serve children and adults alike.

The sugarpaste pineapples and flip flops didn’t require much effort and they were relatively easy to make. For the pineapple, it’s just a case of prepare the base and the top leaves and your ready to decorate with the final touches detailing the pineapple fruit characteristics using edible food colouring pens or some lustre/dusting powders painted on using a small clean paintbrush...

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